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Posted on: 6.3.14

I just saw Taylor Swift included in a “Women of Rock” list, and I lost faith in humanity for a second.
So todays music post is my call to arms, and is focused on my personal favourite QUEENS OF NOISE - the women of rock n roll and country alike, from past and present. All the way from Alison Mosshart and Brody Dalle, to Joan Jett and Patti Smith, this playlist has you covered with music from some truly inspiring women. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some Golden Goddesses along the way, so feel free to share and add your contributions.
Just don’t mention Taylor Swift.

The Ride.

Kind of obsessed with Free People's latest Collection. And pretty much always obsessed with Erin Wasson. So I was powerless to resist when the two came together for the masterpiece that is 'The Ride'. A beautiful mix of lace and floaty silhouettes with beaten up boots and wide brim fedoras. Cannot wait for summer, and my next pay check. Or 2.



Posted on: 4.3.14

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Posted on: 19.2.14

Music is a huge part of my life. If could sing and had just learnt to play that pink glitter guitar a little better, I would've been long gone in some probably unknown band by now. But I can't and I didn't, so here I am, loving the shit out fashion for a living instead. But music still influences me in pretty much every way, and I want to start sharing the records I love with you, in the hopes of influencing someone else, or just brightening your days with some awesome music. So, lets kick it off with a chilled one.